The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve...." Matthew 20:28


Make a Difference Clothing Giveaway- 3rdSat in October- we host a Clothing and Household Item Giveaway. This Committee is led by Sis.Elaine Warrick and Sis. Lucy Jenkins 

Annual Back 2 School Supply Giveaway- 3rd Saturday in August – Committee members solicit donations and organize the event and activities. See Elder Kia for more info. 

Annual Thanksgiving Outreach Dinner- Members, volunteers, and community partners donate food items, cook, serve, and deliver a full Thanksgiving meal to area seniors and those facing illness, disease, or crisis. Volunteers needed to solicit donations, shop, cook, organize leads, organize delivery teams, fill dinner plates, deliver meals, and set-up and break-down. See Elder Kia or Sis. Tina Scott  


C.hrist A.mbassdors. R.eaching. E.veryone (CARE) Outreach

This ministry has four major parts. 

1) taking communion to the sick and shut-ins

2) sending cards of sympathy, encouragement, congratulation, etc.

3) making visits to members in hospitals, nursing homes, or their own homes.  

4) Love Meals- In this giving ministry, we show our love by providing dinner for those in our church family who are experiencing an illness, birth, lost a loved one, or caring for a terminal loved one.  We call upon you as needed to provide a side dish, meat, or dessert.  You would be asked to work with the Coordinator to get the meal(s) to the family.  We also need volunteers to help with set-up and cleanup.  This ministry requires little of your time.  If you like to cook and are looking for a ministry in which to use this talent, we need you.

-Love Meal Coordinator- Position vacant. 



The Fellowship Meals Ministry exists to organize our all-church dinners.  Volunteers are needed to help in planning, preparing, serving and cleaning up after these meals.  Your involvement in this ministry will require only a minimal time commitment, as we have just a few events each year.  In the year ahead, the Fellowship Meals Ministry will organize church dinners and other special events. It’s going to be an exciting year.  We could really use your help! Contact Sis. Tina Scott


This ministry greets and ushers, hands out bulletins to worship service attendees and answers questions at the Welcome Center.  Those who join this ministry should have an outgoing personality, a ready smile and a warm handshake or hug and be full of love. Contact Sis. Angie Wilson at angwils


As the seasons change, so does the transformation of our church building.  This ministry takes just a few hours of your time, a couple months out of the year.  We decorate mainly at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We change out flowers during the other seasons and update with decorations throughout the building as needed.  If you enjoy decorating, are creative and have an eye for detail, we need you! We use men and women in this ministry. See Deac Tywanda Griffin



Are you willing to help keep our building attractive and well maintained?  If so, we have a place for you!  Those with special skills such as heating/air conditioning, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, etc. are needed as well as those with painting, and general maintenance.  Even if you do not feel you have any of these skills but just want to help in any way possible, we have a place for you! 

Grounds -

This ministry is dedicated to utilizing the God given talents of our members to improve/maintain the property surrounding our buildings. You are needed if you have the capability to trim trees and shrubs, plant and maintain flowers, general grounds maintenance, or just have the desire to fellowship with other Christians or work alone.

If you are interested in serving in one or both

See Bro. Clyde Jenkins for more information!

Learn More

Hey check out the ways we seek to serve each other and our community.  We pray you find a place to fit right in. If so, Contact Deaconess Tywanda Griffin